Jun 3, 2010

Front & Gay Streets

As Lora would say: "This is someone's child. Someone's brother. Someone's dad. Someone's student. Someone's friend. Someone's old neighbor. Someone's old lover.

On Saturday I went to the Baltimore Farmers Market on Gay Street, under the 83 overpass. It was paked with people, dropping 12$ on a bag of coffee beans and some $20+ a pound for meats from local, organic farms. Many were in line to purchase $10 omeletes from one of the breakfast stands.

A stark contrast to the numerous homeless people in this area. sleeping on benches, in grassy knolls along sidewalks, in tents outside the church, in front of city hall, alongside the soup kitchen.

I saw no less than 20 homeless people in the five blocks I walked to the market entrance.

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Lora said...

I complained this morning because my $45 SERTA pillow is uncomfortable and I don't have air conditioning in my 19x17 foot bedroom and I'm not 100% loving my $11 a pound Kenyan AA roast that is freshly ground in my $20 grinder and made in a $30 coffee pot and poured into a $10 mug that I'm not particularly fond of while I sit on my "cheap" $500 sofa from IKEA that is only serving in the interim until I get my "real" couch.

Perspective is a funny thing.

Thank you.

Holli said...

Wow. Umm yeah. Perspective for sure.... thanks for the reminder mara to be grateful for what I've got and to give what I've got to others when I can.