Dec 28, 2008

Men should not wear jump suits

I've seen many over-dressed people in the airport, but this is ridiculous. Where is this guy going, a Manson concert?

(Photo taken at Charlotte airport)

Dec 15, 2008

Tchotchkes given away at Shorty's Martini Bar (Fleet & Foster)

So when you get arrested for public indecency on your walk home from the bar, you know who to call.

Nov 20, 2008

All in a day's commute....

Yesterday, a gunman armed with an assault rifle, claiming to be headed to the White House, boarded the train I usually take to work. That day, I happened to catch an early train and "missed" the action. This photo is from the Baltimore Fox News Web site.

Nov 9, 2008

Art Car, Gay & Saratoga Streets

This Art Car sits at Gay and Saratoga Streets. I walk by it every Sunday when I go the the farmers market. Disturbing.

Nov 7, 2008

Shorty's Martini Bar, Foster Ave. & S. Clinton St.

Sticker on the hand soap dispenser in the ladies room at my favorite Charm City bar--Shorty's Martini Bar (shown below). There is no better example of what makes Baltimore a great city than Shorty's. Where else can you find a neighborhood, dive, martini bar? This is the most unpretentious city ever!

Nov 4, 2008

Harley House, Fait Ave. & Highland Ave.

You think these people drive a Harley? Note the Harley-color paint job, Harley parking sign and numerous Harley emblems....

Oct 27, 2008

My house

My cat thinks she's a Halloween decoration.

Oct 20, 2008