Sep 24, 2009

I apologize for cross posting, but this is really important to me

All over Washington, D.C.

How is it that the fat used to make the most delicious canolis in the city is now being banned by law, but gadgets like these that allow people to be lazy mfers are not getting any criticism? Hey government, why don't you leave my Italian pastries alone and go do something helpful like passing a telecommuting bill or finding a way to give schools better funding.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm sooo with you. People always tell me "you are so lucky to be in such great shape and be able to eat anything." I don't always answer, but the thought that goes through my head is always the same. "It is not luck, but hours of exercise a week. You should try that dish some time!"

I'm Caribbean and I love my greasy fattening foods. I eat them and workout to stay healthy and happy. I hate anything diet because it taste freakin' fake! Hm, maybe you should post your favorite canoli recipe. I'll make it and post some pics of my abs after I'm done eating, then I'll go for a loooong run lol